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During the Coronavirus pandemic I am unable to post anything right away other than very small things like scarabs, amulets, rings and a few other smaller items. 

Also I'm not going online much and if you send me an email I may not be able to reply for a while .

Stay safe!



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5260. Fine and fairly rare hardstone pesh-kef amulet.

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A pair of very fine and fairly rare hardstone pesesh-kef

The pesesh-kef was a stone rod with a split curled end
and was used in the mortuary “opening of the mouth" ceremony.


Both have un-pierced lugs on the rear.  Later hard-stone amulets are usually

The pesesh-kef is also found with a pierced loop and
often with no loop at all.

The comparative photos are from Petrie's book on amulets

Egyptian, Late Period, circa 500 BC.


Cream 30mm long £220

Black 27mm long £230

Price: from 220 GBP

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