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5824. A pair of nice faience Djed amuets

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A pair of particularly nice green faience Djed amulets.
The djed pillar amulet was one of the most common of all those placed on the mummy.
A number of them could be strung around the lower torso, or placed singly on the upper chest or around the neck.
The djed pillar symbolized stability and endurance.
Although its form was originally that of a tree whose branches had been cut off,
it later became the backbone of the god Osiris.
A spell in the Book of the Dead activates such an amulet,
saying 'Raise yourself up Osiris!
You have your backbone once more, O weary-hearted One; you have your vertebrae!'
Both intact and with really nice colour with glossy surfaces.
Late Period circa 500 BC
Price: 135 each GBP

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