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5908. Funerary cone for a man called Huwebenef

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 Funerary cone for a man called Huwebenef - just the cut
end unfortunatel.

But Even Petrie himself 
did such as this in order to easier transport the cones.



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Revered one before Osiris, chief of the coppersmiths of
the house of the god's wife, Huwebenef justified.

"Coppersmiths " here is sometimes alternatively
read as "five altars".

The phrase "justified" indicates that the owner
is now dead.

60mm x 20mm

New Kingdom, circa 1000 BC


Funerary cones are almost exclusively found in the Theban
necropolis, originally  placed over the
entrance of the tomb chapel. During the New Kingdom, they are inscribed with the title and name and titles of the tomb owner. The exact
purpose of such cones is unknown.

You can learn about such artefacts and get to read the
inscriptions on them in our book which is now reduced in price.

Price: 475 GBP

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