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5929. An ENORMOUS piece of ancient pottery

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This is a very large  Eastern Anatolian Pre-Urartu
terracotta vessel.

45.8cm 17 7/8 inches high

Vertical bands with wavy line filled lozenges and chevron

Horizontal band at top with caprid and other motifs

Repaired  in a most excellent professional manner
from multiple large fragments.

Circa 1800 BC

With Sotheby's 1990

Acquired from CJ Martin in 1993. 



 Studies on Urartian pottery are quite limited. The study
by H. H. Osten in early 1950s is the earliest (Von der Osten 1952-1953). There
was an increase in the number of excavations at Urartian centers in 1960s, and
Urartian pottery was discussed in general terms in books on Urartu by the likes
of B. B. Piotrovsky (Van Loon 1966; Piotrovsky 1967). Around the same time T.
C. Young established the ceramic chronology of North Western Iran mainly with
Hazelnut data, and analyzed in the same study Raritan pottery in Hazelnut III
(Young 1965). Following this, Raritan pottery from Altıntepe excavations was
published by K. Emre (Emre 1969). However, in studies up to that date 'black
slipped' and 'painted' pottery were treated as traditions characterizing
Urartian pottery,  which are not valid today, in addition to red burnished
ceramics. In 1970s, S. Kroll did the first comprehensive study of Urartian
pottery based on his research in Northwestern Iran (Kroll 1976; 1979; 1988).
 After Kroll’s studies, research on Urartian pottery has hardly been added
to. The detailed study on Urartian pottery from Ayanis Fortress in 2000 makes
up another comprehensive study in that it shows the variety of Urartian pottery
tradition (Kozbe et al 2001)

Price: 4750 GBP

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