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5944. Large imposingplaque for Thuthmose III

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A large imposing steatite plaque for the king Thuthmose

Would make a very interesting wearable pendant.

One side  shows the
double feathered royal cartouche with the name Men Kheper Re and the phonetic
compliment as well which according to Magnarini strongly suggests it is
contemporaneous with the  king not later

The other side shows the kneeling king wearing the Rd
Crown  in a pose of adoration,  surrounded by concentric circles.

concentric circles were much more commonly used in the
Second Intermediate period and early New Kingdom, another pointer to this being
18th dynasty.

28mm x 21mm x 6mm

Intact. Some coloured adhesions from  having been used as a seal in modern times.

This will clean off.

New Kingdom, 18th dynasty.

Price: 425 GBP

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