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5963. **SOLD** Roman clay sealings.

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Roman clay sealings.

Such sealings as these, called bullae are simply clay
pellets impressed with a seal ring and were used to close and notarize papyrus
documents in the Hellenistic and early Roman times. The papyrus documents would
be rolled and tied by a cord. The bullae were then imprinted on the knot or the
cord itself to ensure that it could not be opened without breaking the seal or
cutting the cord, showing that it had been opened.


On the reverse the imprint of the papyrus fibres can be
seen. It is also very common to find remnants of the sealer's fingerprints
along the edges of these. The bullae were dried, not fired, as that  would have burned whatever they were sealing.
Some are however definitely fired to terracotta as such and would have been so changed
when a library burnt down in antiquity.


These are all fairly early Roman Imperial.

They are all around 20mm




Some interesting 


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