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A2. **SOLD** Fine Chokwe Chibinda Ilunga figure

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Not what I normally deal with.

In this section are pieces from my late parents' collections.

I'm thinning out the collections as I have run out of  space for everything!

I'm selling for much less than the 2003 specialist
appraisal valuations for insurance purposes.


Fine Chokwe Chibinda Ilunga figure

From the  Chokwe
people who inhabit the southern part of Congo from the Kwango River to the
Lualaba; northeastern Angola; and, since 1920, the northwestern corner of


With small bead necklace.

555mm/21.8 inches.


From my late parents' collection. Probably acquired from
Totem Gallery in Johannesburg around 1980-85

Gurr Johns 2003 insurance valuation was £1,500. See
scanned image.

I'm happy to sell it for very much less than the appraised valuation.

I have no idea how old it might be.


This imposing figure represents the hero Chibinda Ilunga,
royal ancestor of the Chokwe people. According to legend, Ilunga, the son of a
great Luba chief, wooed Lweji, a Lunda chieftainess. He introduced into that
tribe the concept of divine kingship and also taught the Lunda the art of
hunting. From their union, if rather indirectly, came the Mwata Yamvo rulers of
the Lunda, to whom the Chokwe not only paid tribute, but also regularly
furnished sculptors who produced many kinds of court art almost up to the
present day. By association, Chibinda Ilunga became a culture hero and model
for Chokwe chiefs as well. The figure of Chibinda Ilunga came to represent the
archetypal chief who maintains the well-being of his people, and he also served
as a role model for men in Chokwe society. This figure wears elaborate headgear
with rolled side elements as a sign of his royal rank.


According to Lunda genesis myths, a Luba hunter named
Chibinda Ilunga introduced the Luba model of statecraft to the Lunda sometime
around 1600 when he married a local princess and was granted control of her
kingdom. Most rulers who claimed descent from Luba ancestors were integrated
into the Luba empire. The Lunda kings, however, remained separate and actively
expanded their political and economic dominance over the region.

Price: sold GBP

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