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5981. Tang 'fat lady' The rarer type - with TL test certificate

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A very elegant Tang 'fat lady' of the rarer type with a TL test certificate.

This is the much rarer type of costume worn Tang lady
with arms held low in front of her body within the capacious sleeves, rather
than as much more commonly seen , the hands held high and sometimes also
outside of her garments.

This elegant figure exemplifies the court ladies that
became fashionable in the second half of the Tang Dynasty. Although the models
of court ladies in the earlier part of the Tang Dynasty depict them wearing
tight-fitting garments, which accentuated their slender forms, the reign of the
emperor Emperor Xuanzong / Ming Huan seems to have heralded the growth in
popularity of a more generous female form and the adoption of more flowing,
less structured robes. This change in style has traditionally been attributed
to the influence of the emperor's favourite concubine Yang Guifei, who had a
voluptuous figure.

From my own collection.

This piece comes with a thermoluminescense test
certificate from Oxford Authentication.

375mm / 14.8 inches

Price: 2750 GBP

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