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5990. Rare Emir Ware 'pseudo-swastika' motif bowl.

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Rare Emir Ware 'pseudo-swastika 'motif bowl.

This is a VERY ancient piece! Five and a half thousand
years old.


Emir Ware comes from the Dasht Basin of South-east Iran
and dates  in the second half of 4th
millennium B.C.

The pottery vessels of Emir Ware are predominantly bowls,
both shallow and deep,  roughly made  and the with painted  motifs including animal and  geometric elements  in a reddish brown or black pigment often
only  on the insides.

The most characteristic motif on Emir Ware is the  so called “pseudo- swastika” Another common
motif is a comb-like element and rows of pendant triangles.


Intact bar a chip on the rim

94m across the rim.

Circa 3500 BC


The comparative images are from  pieces in the Aichi Prefectural Ceramic



Report on the survey of the archaeological materials of
prehistoric Pakistan, stored in the Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum (part 3)
Emir ware and Quetta style pottery

Price: 595 GBP

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