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**SOLD** The Early Glyptic of Tell Brak Donald. M Matthews

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The Early Glyptic of Tell Brak Donald.  M Matthews


Orbis Biblicus et Orientalis. Series Archaeologica 15


In English

Published: Fribourg, Switzerland : University Press ;

311, lix p. : ill., maps ; 33 cm.



3525538960 (Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht)

3727811048 (University Press)



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This book is the most comprehensive treatment of glyptic
art of Syria in the third millennium B.C. It is a catalogue of nearly 600 seals
from Tell Brak, combined with a general study of the comparative material.
Syrian seals are an important source for the 3rd millennium BC. The site of
Tell Brak has provided more glyptic than any other published source, many of
which derive from secure archaeological contexts.   The Tell Brak material is published with
drawings and photographs and a full discussion of the designs, provenances and
functions of the seals. About 900 seals of this date are known from other
sources in Syria and Nothern Iraq. A comprehensive list arranged by style and
date is provided. The chronology depends on a complex interaction of evidence
from pottery and from seals which were imported from Babylonia. So the
development of Early Bronze Syrian art can be assessed in detail and it becomes
evident how art contributed to the rise of civilisation in Syria, and how
Babylonian forms were selected and adapted several times in different Syrian

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