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Horses for eternity by Victor Choi

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Horses for Eternity: Terracotta Equestrian Tomb Sculpture
of Dynastic China 

by Victor Choi

A large and magnificently illustrated book: a masterly
and highly detailed  investigation into
this type of artefact.

Very rare book – limited edition, only 3000 copies

Hardback in 


Like New. Very Clean. No writing or tears other than
dedication from author on front page.( No, he doesnt really know me or else I would not offer it for sale!)



• Messages from friends : Horses of beauty and
instruction / Donald Stone ; The horse in history and archaeology / Itamar

• Dynastic summary

• Han Dynasty, 206 BC-AD 220

• A tangle of dynasties : northern and southern
dynasties, AD 265-589

• Sui Dynasty, AD 589-618

• Tang Dynasty, AD 618-907

• Song Dynasty, AD 960-1279

• Yuan Dynasty, AD 1271-1368

• Ming Dynasty, AD 1368-1644.


It is a large and rather heavy book, hence highish postal costs.

Price: 95 GBP

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