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5998. An exceptionally fine Sumerian zoomorphic stamp seal.

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An extremely fine Sumerian zoomorphic stamp seal.


This very lovely white stone recumbent bovine seal is
pierced through and shows five lions on its base.

It is a very special thing!


Soft stone can be vulnerable to fracture and this really
wonderful seal broke into three pieces some years ago.

It has been put together again using an acetone soluble
glue so a professional restorer would be able to easily take it apart again and
repair it without much evidence of damage remaining if that is what the next
custodian of this wonderful seal wants to do.

I could have had it professionally repaired in such a way
that nobody would have known it ever broke but then any prospective new owner
would not know for certain how essentially complete it is.


As seen. 29mm x 22mm


Jemdet Nasr Period circa 3000 BC.


From my own collection. Ex German collection.

Price: 1875 GBP

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