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D. EXTREMELY RARE type of Roman lamp mould

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Extremely rare Roman clay mould for a 'factory lamp' of
Loeschcke Type X.

Top mould, impression for lamp with discus, channel and
nozzle within continuous rim and two lugs on shoulder.

Places for filling-hole and wick-hole raised to mark
where these should be pierced on the lamp.

Two raised bosses (to fit corresponding hollows on the
bottom mould) and registration mark on front (to align with corresponding mark on the bottom mould).  

Factory lamps (Firmalampen) of Loeschcke Type X were an
ingeniously functional design produced mainly during the late 1st - 2nd
centuries AD and aimed primarily for use by the Roman army in the
frontier regions (limes) of Europe.

Fine pinkish-buff clay.

8 x 8 cm, impression-  6.5 cm

Condition: Losses and chips as seen.

Very similar to an example (MV 109200) from the military
settlement at Vindobona (modern Vienna) and now in the Wien Museum.


While plaster moulds for late lamps from North Africa
have survived in quite large quantities and are fairly common on the market,the clay moulds for lamps of the early Roman period are
extremely rare. That situation applies even more to moulds for European
factory lamps.



Ex collection of Robert Flourance, Virginia USA, acquired

I am advertising this on behalf of my friend David Knell, a collector and widely recognised expert on ancient lamps.

Please contact me for his contact details or you can go directly to his website using this link.

Price: 340 GBP

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