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5555. Large and interesting scarab

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A  large and interesting Egyptian scarab made in pottery. This is a known type documented in Petrie's Buttons and Design Scarabs , 1925

,  PL VI, 1035A and p.27. It is  shown online
at the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology of the University of London, website. 

It is there described thus:

- Buff (once brown-glazed) steatite scarab with seated Seth animal and
seated Anhur (?) above two seated baboons, each holding a lotus; and
other signs (drilled inaccurately). [Found at: ; Context: Unknown]
Period - Dynasty 20 ? (1069BCE-1186BCE) Measurements - height 2.9 cm ; length 2.1 cm

scarabs are actually not made in steatite but mould made in pottery,
with the legs cut in rather rough design with a knife before firing. The
one shown on the museum website is slightly smaller than the pottery
versions are, which are generally 28-29mm long.

It is either a mistake that it is recorded as in steatite and/or the
dimensions given are incorrect.  I have seen approximately  a dozen of
these and all were in pottery. I have never seen one with any remnants
of a glaze nor one any smaller than this one.

This one on offer here is 28.5mm long.

If anyone reading  this  knows of such as this significantly smaller or not made in pottery, please get in touch. Thanks, Bron.

Looking again I notice now that the measurements are odd.

Measurements - height 2.9 cm ; length 2.1 cm
Surely they must mean length 2.9 and width 2.1

Price: 295 GBP

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