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Book: The Iconography of Cylinder Seals - Warburg Institute Colloquia

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The Iconography of Cylinder Seals, ed. Paul Taylor
Warburg Institute Colloquia, vol. 9 2006
This book was first published in 2006, and quickly sold out (ISBN-10: 0854811354).
A limited number of volumes have been reprinted in 2018 for interested specialists (ISBN-13: 978-0-85481-135-9).
The essays in the volume study various aspects of the iconography of cylinder seals from the Akkadian period to the Neo-Assyrian period, from Mesopotamia to Hittite Anatolia. The authors deal mostly with concrete cases, including themes such as warfare, the sacred tree, fish and the god Ninurta. An introduction discusses the problems involved in interpreting iconography with few or no texts, and the volume is opened by a memorial of Henri Frankfort, second Director of the Institute, by his successor J. B. Trapp. The illustrations include a wide range of seal impressions.
260 pp
167   Illustrations
Price: 30 GBP

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