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During the Coronavirus pandemic I am unable to post anything right away other than very small things like scarabs, amulets, rings and a few other smaller items. 

Also I'm not going online much and if you send me an email I may not be able to reply for a while .

Stay safe!



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894. **SOLD**The finest Roman intaglio I have ever had.

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This is a really superb intaglio! Showing a Nereid riding on a sea sepent. The Nereids were the  the fifty daughters of Nereus and Doris and in the retinue of Poseidon and  lived in the underwater palace of their father in the <place w:st="on"></place>Mediterranean Sea</place><//place>. These beautiful women were friendly and helpful towards sailors  They are believed to be able to prophesize. In ancient art, particularly on black-figured Greek vases the Nereids were shown clothed. In later art they were portrayed naked or partially naked, riding on dolphins, seahorses, and other marine creatures. It's quite a large one, and in a lovely stone. Simply superb! 17mm 1st century From a UK collection
Price: sold GBP

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