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  • My name is Dr Bron Lipkin. I have been interested in ancient history and have been collecting antiquities for a very long time.
  • Like many collectors, I started off collecting coins and was a Fellow of The Royal Numismatic society for some years. 
  • On becoming retired many years ago, (I was a doctor in London) I decided, for the fun of it, to start a bit of dealing in the sorts of things I have so long been interested in. I'm enjoying this immensely!


The idea of this website is to create something more than just another antiquities dealer's website. I am collector first and a dealer second. 


Please do use the facilities here. Together, I really hope that we can create something useful :o)


Please do register

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You will then be able to:

  • View the MEMBERS' PAGES .Now closed as not used much.
  • Post notices for other collectors on the NOTICE BOARD. Now closed as not used much.
  • Join the DISCUSSION FORUMS in all aspects of collecting antiquities.Now closed as not used much.
  • Contribute articles about artifacts, restoration, fakes and forgeries, collections, exhibitions, the ethics of collecting and international regulations and laws and indeed just about any relevant topic!
  • Have your MYSTERY ARTEFACT featured and get opinions and comments from other collectors and dealers who are registered members.
  • Have your artifacts featured in REAL OR FAKE? and get opinions and comments from other collectors and dealers.


   You can also contribute to the website by sending me text and images by email. Email me to let me know what you would like to contribute.