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  • La Cuisine des pharaons


by Pierre Tallet




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By Franco Magnarini

This volume forms an illustrated catalogue of 430 scarabs, in the author's own collection, which are representative of types manufactured throughout the Pharaonic period. Arranged by design motif, the catalogue presents scarabs decorated with linear patterns, scrolls and spirals, Egyptian signs and symbols, circles and crosses, animals and humans, mythological figures and gods, and those inscribed with the names of pharaohs or mottoes. Each page contains one entry; the scarab is photographed, illustrated and described in Italian and in English. The introduction, which is also presented in English translation, described the use, manufacture and function of Egyptian scarabs. 502p, b/w illus (BAR S1241, 2004)



Highly recommended.

Available from Oxbow Books and  many online book sellers.


More about this book


Franco's articles on this website.




Collecting Antiquites : An Introductory Guide

Charles Ede

published by

Hollington books, London. 



This is just about the only decent introduction to antiquities collecting there is. 

Charles Ede, who died in May 2002 was the doyen of the UK antiquities dealers.


This book was written in 1989. It has text very suitable for a reasonably new collector and a great number of photographs and some maps and drawings as well. 142 pages, and a good index


I have several brand new copies of the last

 3rd impression, printed in 1989


These are difficult to get hold of and

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Early ancient Glass


This is the bible for collectors

of core formed glass.


It's not cheap, but it is a very fine book by David Grose,

who sadly died late in 2004.



Featuring pieces in the collection of the Toledo Museum of Modern Art, this volume documents the artistic, historical and technological evolution of glass. Each entry is accompanied by a photograph and many have scaled profile drawings to further illustrate form, decoration and technique.



Publisher: Hudson Hills Press Inc

ISBN: 093392092X

Format: Hardback


You can purchase a copy here





Sasanian and Post-Sasanian Glass

David Whitehouse


The last  publication by the late Dr. David Whitehouse, previously executive director of The Corning Museum of Glass, features the largest and most varied catalogue of Sasanian glass available in print.




At online bookestores at $65.



David Giles  Ancient Art Books


Simply say you  saw it here!



This catalogue of 72 objects from the collection of The Corning Museum of Glass provides an excellent starting point for studying the glass made in the Sasanian Empire or in the Sasanian style, a key contribution to understanding this often neglected, but important era in glassmaking history.





Here is a very inexpensive well illustrated introduction to the early lamps of the Levant (Bronze Age - Iron age) 

"Lighting the Way through History" is an article by Varda Sussman in the March/April 1985 issue of BAR.


It has very helpful helpful drawings and  many photographs of all the main stages of lamp development.

The back issue will cost you $7.50 plusp&p.


Biblical archaeology Review






You can purchase a copy here




Here is a good list of books about

ancient oil lamps

as provided by David K









    From Dik

4th February 2006


A bibilography  for shabti collectors



Aubert, L. - Bulte, J. - Yoyotte, J.

. Paris, Cybele, 1998. 144 p., 16 pls.

ISBN 2951209207


Aubert, Jacques-F. -  Aubert, Liliane

. Paris, Librairie d'Amerique et d' Orient, 1974.


Aubert, Jacques-F. -  Aubert, Liliane



 1116 P,

uste Gulbenkian, Lisboa, 2003 , ISBN: 972-31-1020-2


Bovot, Jean-Luc

Chaoutis: Des travailleurs pharaoniqus pour l'eternite

Louvre 2003, 101pp

ISBN : 2-7118-4607-5



The series CAA (=Corpus Antiquitatum Aegyptiacarum), a loose-leaf catalogue, was started some 20 years ago to publish all (!) objects from all (!) museum worldwide. So far some 15 museums have published parts of their objects in this series. It is a very scholarly series, with lots of very detailed information on each object, notes, translations of texts, photographs (usually in b&w) and line drawings.


Chappaz, Jean-Luc,

ISBN 2-8306-0004-5 


Flinders Petrie, W.M.

Shabtis, Aris & Phillips LTD with Joe L. Malter & Co, 1974


Glenn, James

Shabtis: A Private View.  Ancient Egyptian Funerary Statuettes in European Private Collections. Paris, Cybele, 2002. 264 p., colour ills., with CD-ROM (PC only).

ISBN 2951675828


Grenier, Jean-Claude

Les statuettes funeraires de museo Gregoriano Egizo, 1996


Haarlem, W.M. van

Corpus Antiquitatum Aegyptiacarum. Volume 1-2  - Shabtis.

Loose leave, ISBN 90-71211-17-7


Haynes, Joyce L.

Shabtis (Privately Owned Egyptian Antiquities in , Fasc.1; Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities Publications, 7). , Benben Publications, 1983. Paper-loose. ISBN 920168-03-5.


Kenneth A Kitchen

Catalogue of  the Egyptian Collection in the ,

It will be a surprise to many that has so extensive a collection of Egyptian antiquities; much of it dates from the 1820s. This catalogue, with parallel text in Portuguese and English, provides full description of the objects with translation of inscriptions, photographs, notes and bibliography. It comprises 55 stelae and reliefs, 8 complete coffins and 11 fragments, 8 votive statuettes, 58 shawabtis, and some 60 other funerary objects and small items. Two vols. in slipcase, 276p, 231p of photos and inscriptions. (Aris and Phillips 1990)

ISBN 0856684929. Hardback.


Liebighaus Museum Alter Plastik

Corpus Antiquitatum Aegyptiacarum. . Volume 1 - Funerary Statuettes.

Newberry, Percy E.

Funerary Statuettes and Model Sarcophagi

Catalogue general des antiquites Egyptiennes du musee du Caire, No. 46530-48575, 1957


Pumpenmeier, Frauke

Egyptian ShabtisArbeiter des Jenseits.Shabtis. An Introduction to the History of Ancient Egyptian Funerary Statuettes with a Catalogue of the Collection of Shabtis in the of Antiquities at . 3 volumes, Leiden, 1977.


Speleers, Louis 

Les Figurines Funeraires Egyptiennes,

Foundation Universitaire de Belgique, Bruxelles, Les Editions Robert Sand, 1923, 5 p. l.. 188 p. plates.


From Aldo

My list of books: (my area of interest is Sumer)


Georges Roux, Ancient Iraq,
Penguin Books, Third Ed., 1992.
This is a classic on the topic. Help to keep certain order in my brain.

Willian W. Hallo and William Kelly Simpson
The Ancient Near East. A History
Harcourt Brace College Publishers, Second Edition, 1998
A good one, in the line of Roux's

Jack M. Sasson (Editor in Chief)
Civilizations of the Ancient Near East
Simon & Schuster Macmillan, 1995
It is like an Encyclopedia, several volumes

James Mellaart
Earliest Civilizations of the Near East
Thames and Hudson, 1965
This book is for beginners.

John A. Wilson and Thorkild Jacobsen H. and H.A. Frankfort
Before Philosophy: The Intellectual Adventure of Ancient Man
Penguin Books, 1968
Includes Mesopotamia and Egypt.

J.N. Postgate
Early Mesopotamia. Society and economy at the dawn of history.
Routledge, 1996
It covers every aspect of life in Ancient Mesopotamia

Jean Bottero
Religion in Ancient Mesopotamia
The University of Chicago Press, 2001
I have just two chapters of this book.

Dominique Collon
Ancient Near Eastern Art
British Museum Press, 1995

Samuel Noah Kramer
From the tablets of Sumer
The Falcon's wing Press, 1956
(Everyone mentions Kramer's book)

Denise Schmandt-Besserat
How writing came about.
University of Texas Press, 1996
This book is an abridged version of:
Before writing, Vol. I, From counting to cuneiform,
University of Texas Press, 1992

W.G. Lambert & A.R. Millard
Atra-Hasis. The Babylonian Story of the Flood
Eisenbrauns, 1999
It contains transliterations and translations of the story of the
flood according to several sources: Atra-Hasis, Ras Shamra, Berossus,
and Sumerian.

Herman Vanstiphout
Epics of Sumerian Kings. The Matter of Aratta,
Society of Biblical Literaure, 2003
It contains transliterations and translations of the four poems
conforming the epics about the controversy between the cities of Uruk
and Aratta as to which one is the true favorite of Inana.

Piotr Michalowski
The Lamentation over the destruction of Sumer and Ur
Eisenbrauns, 1989
Transliteration and translation of tablets regarding the destruction
not just of Sumer, but a way of life and Sumerian cosmos (order) due
to an army from the east.

John Gardner and John Maier
Vintage Books, 1985
There are several versions of the Epic of Gilgamesh. This book
contains the translation of each tablet, and good notes. It has also a
good Introduction (50 pages).

Rivkah Harris
Gender and aging in Mesopotamia. The Gilgamesh Epic and other ancient
University of Oklahoma Press, Norman, 2003.
I enjoyed this book. It focuses on two basic aspects of ancient
Mesopotamian society: the stages of life and issues of gender and

Betty De Shong Meador
Inanna, Lady of Largest Heart
University of Texas Press, 2000
The author analyses Enheduanna's poems from a Jungian approach.
Although I enjoyed the book, maybe is not what your are looking for.
(Enheduanna was a High Priestess of Inanna, and is the earliest known
author of written literature. She was Sargon's daughter, and her
appointment as High Priestess was a political move)

Neal Walls
Desire, Discord and Death: Approaches to ancient near eastern myth.
American Schools of Oriental Research, 2001
The author analyses three myths: Gilgamesh, The contendings of Horus
and Seth, and Nergal and Ereshkigal from a psychoanalytical approach.
I liked it.

Harvey Weiss (Editor)
The origins of cities in dry-farming Syria and Mesopotamia in the
third millennium B.C.,
Four Quarters Publishing Co., 1986
A more technical book containing eight articles on the topic.

Wayne Horowitz
Mesopotamian Cosmic Geography
Eisenbrauns, 1998
(I am reading it, I like it, but it has much technical stuff that
soemtimes make me to loose the objetive of my reading: Cosmic Geography)

More on literature:

Thorkild Jacobsen
The harps that once...
Yale University Press, 1987

Diane Wolkstein and Samuel Noah Kramer
Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth
Harper & Row, Publishers, 1983
(Diane Wolkstein is a folklorist and storyteller. Her contribution is

The list is becoming too long, I prefer to stop here.

There are a many articles published in specialized journals that I
could send you, but I need to know what your specific topics of
interest are. Do you need something related to Mesopotamian mathematic
and science? Medicine? Omens? etc. You can send me an e-mail.

A warning: I have not formal training in literature, history, or any
related topic. You have to take the previous list just as the books
that an amateur have enjoyed in his free time. As I said at the
beginning, maybe you should ask some scholars your specific needs. I
have done it, and several of them have been very kind and provide some

Best regards and good luck in your research,


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