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18th March 07 

This short article recently published  by myself  and Pierre Tallet at the Sorbonne.


A shortened version was also published  on archaeogate with the kind assisitance of Franco Magnarini.

Archaeogate was a very  interesting a portal for Italian archaeologists which also published preliminary reports of Italian excavations.

Most of the contents were in Italian but many were in English and very useful to an international audience. Sadly this website closed down several years ago.


You can find information about some publications by Pierre and Franco on the books page









The Bes scarab came from an old American collection and had  previously been in a collection on France many years ago, in the early part of the last century.

It is still tied with silk thread to the original card and is secured with a nice wax sealing of a Sasanian stamp seal.



The scaraboid plaque comes from the same collection and had wit this small slip of paper with it.



  Update information from Pierre.I am currently researching other examples of the representation of Bes on New Kingdom scarabs.


If any one has  any examples,  I'd be very pleased to hear from you.


I will place more information here in due course.



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