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I will be placing here some of the tablets and seals  which are worked on through my CUNEIFORM READING SERVICE



You will find the worked on cuneiform foundation cones here



This one with thanks to Marc.


The broken obverse  has a sign LA2.NI  "deficit" followed by the number 60x4+53 (=293)  but then the tablet breaks.

The second visible line is indented, and has part of the number 5 visible, then breaks;

The third line begins with the same sign LA2.NI  but then breaks.

So all one can say is that  it is an account of a countable item (not grain or liquids which are measured by volume).

It is likely some food plant as the few other tablet involving this official concern food plants, and his title is "gardner"  which probably means garden supervisor rather than cultivator. 

Another known tablet in which he officiates is of a similar type, an account of "defict, amount lacking, amount owed" and involves the GAZI plant, which is a native spice, possibly the mustard seed.

 The reverse has only the year name: " The year the throne of (the god) Enlil was built" which is year 3 of King Amar-Suen of Ur.

 The seal translation :


gardner  (fruit trees or vegetables)

son of Lugal-itida.