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The tablets shown in the photos in this section, placed here between 2006 and 2009, are in private collections in various countries and are not offered for sale.

Most, apart from just a few which are in my own collection, were sent to me many years ago to take better photographs to aid reading of them. I placed these photos  here  to illustrate the types of tablet which were on the market at this time when the cuneiform reading service was launched. We very much encourage collectors to have their tablets read and to share them with academic resources. I thought that by showing how very interesting such tablets can be, this would encourage collectors to have their tablets read.


  • Cuneiform tablets and even small fragments are essentially important documents and if you own a tablet or fragment it's important to know what the writing is about otherwise it's only a lump of clay with ancient marks on it!
  • You can arrange for a reading, a full transliteration and translation  or just basic reading to  find out the gist of the text.


8/9.4 (N)

Very interesting UrIII administrative document. A review or inspection of several named workers including house builders. The first section is  a list of names, some identified as the preceding person's brother or son. The second section is numbers , being amounts of rations for different categories of workers such as "male children" or "old persons". The document is by the Inspector of House Builders under the authority of Ur-Dumuzi.

80mm x 44mm



9.30 n (N)

Though  only a single sided fragment from a n URIII administrative document this is a particularly  interesting fragment as it lists amounts of a mineral dye and potash as well as pig feed. There are several names: Ku-Nin-urra and Lu-Hani.

80mm long.


8.36.2 (N)

An interesting Sumerian cuneiform tablet from Isin, being an account of billy goats offered to named gods by the man  whose seal is applied Mat-Ili, son of Baba and dated by a year name in the reign of the lking Ur-Ninurta.

Recomposed from fragments. 107mm x 54mm.


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