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The tablets shown in the photos in this section, placed here between 2006 and 2009, are in private collections in various countries and are not offered for sale.

Most, apart from just a few which are in my own collection, were sent to me many years ago to take better photographs to aid reading of them. I placed these photos  here  to illustrate the types of tablet which were on the market at this time when the cuneiform reading service was launched. We very much encourage collectors to have their tablets read and to share them with academic resources. I thought that by showing how very interesting such tablets can be, this would encourage collectors to have their tablets read.

The first group comes from a collection in the UK and have been examined and translated by Professor Lambert ex of the University of Birmingham.



This first one is extremely interesting and rather rare  for several reasons; that it's a court case and that it has multiple ring seals.


The  inscribed edges:



The inscribed and stamped edge:



The ring seal impressions of Shamash-ittannu, of Iddina-Bel, the lion and boar  and the cylinder seal impression of Nana-iddina.

They are oriented in different directions but I have shown the photographs with the seal impression oriented correctly.



And lastly, the flamingo seal ring impression and the inscription for Bel-uballit.


This small adminstrative document is special because it's Neo Babylonian and in a remarkably fine hand.



You  obtain an idea  how remarkably precise and small the cuneiform here is, when you realise how small this tablet is. Compare it with the one above:



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