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The open form bowls are more common than the closed form and often have geometric patterns which the closed from very rarely has.

As you can see the shapes are various; with straight sides,  everted and inverted and some  curving profiles. The Peepal leaf is a frequent motif.

These are all Nal or Amri-Nal.


Although rather  different in apearance these two are Quetta style.

And in many way related to Balochistan pottery are these Emir Ware pieces but rather earlier and from the Dasht Basin of South-east Iran. The shallow     bowl with 'pseudo-swastika' is very characteristic.


An average size is around 65 mm high and  85mm across the rim but the pieces below are 180mm , 185mm across the rim.

And this one is 235mm across the rim.

Other pottery forms