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    From David

January 2006




Hello folks,


In my spare moments (few and far between) I have started to compile an online database of ancient lamps. As a start, I have made a very rough draft of a catalogue of common types using a selection from my own collection.


It is only in index form so far. The images will eventually be

clickable to go to enlarged images of each lamp with full information

(origin, date, description, comparanda, etc.). It is an ongoing long-term project and subject to a great deal of change as my research progresses but even in its rudimentary stage I thought it might be useful for those interested in lamps.


It is only a very small selection, there are many common lamp types

missing and there are no 'wow-factor' lamps here but it is fairly representative of ancient lamps which are often seen on the antiquities market.



Click on the links in the index, then click on the headings at the

top of each page. Navigation will be improved as I work on the project.


And yes, there will eventually be a database of common fake lamps too. ;-)


Any comments or questions?



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