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This scarab, unfortunately damaged, is however interesting because of its unusual motif.




It's made of steatite with the surface faded to yellowish white. There are scratches  on the back and damage to the fore part which has caused  an almost total loss of the head. Remnants of the metal mounting are still in situ. It measures mm. 14 x 11 x 5.



The prothorax is suggested by two horizontal notches (on the right) and by only one which marks also the side (on the left). Legs represented by two incisions, the upper of which is bending towards the tail.



The complex motif is divided into four parts, vertically arranged. The upper part delimits the first sector by means of two horizontal lines at about a fifth of the height. Inside this sector there was probably a winged solar disc (of which it's possible to see only the right wing and the extremity of the left wing because of the lack). Beneath, two vertical lines delimit three sectors. In the central, broader one, the writing:



with the meaning: Amen (the) Lord loved for ever.



In both the lateral sectors, from the top, the signs:



to signify life and stability

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