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Someone asked me about these two tablets.




Why the hole???

It is not an example of such as discussed by Strahil V. Panayotov in his article  On 'Firing Holes' and the Cuneiform Stylus


The first is a reasonably well made replica, the second is a silly fake.

The seller does not say that  either is ancient, just "old".

Neither is particularly old actually.


They used to say that, but now, more recently.....

More from the same seller. Who has  been informed by several people that these are modern creations.

 First of all....


More traditionally.........



But as is so often the case the fakers get the cuneiform very badly wrong.

However they rely oupon the fact  that  not many peole can recognise this.

Look at this ridiculous hexagonal fragment:




Replicas and fakes of  foundation cones are made in the same way.

Talking of direction of wedges.....!!







Reverse the images and the wedges point in the correct directions.

(One would certainly not expect that the seller knows this though)


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