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 From Paul

15th May 07


This was an  eyes only  find along a river bank near Caerleon near Newport South Wales wich is a well known Roman town.


 Pretty sure its bronze


240mm long x 10mm at top x20mm at widest end.



From Marco

20th July 07



Clearly is a bronze leg of something that could be a tripod (we have a slightly different complete one here in Belluno, Veneto region, in Northern Italy, found in a nerby village)  or of any other three of four legged vessel or tray holder. Nice and lucky find! Best regards.




From Andrea

21st May 07

Hello, this is a marble 78 mm tall, that is a fragment of a large composition o a piece itself with part of figure standing back missing.


This figure was present because there are the two hands on the circle around the head of the woman, like it was hanging up this. The figure of a woman is a spider. Can be Arachne, the spider goddess that for example was in Lydia? Or instead of spider can be a seacreature like crab, as a one of Nereids, daughters of Poseidon?


I attach also a image from the web where is represented Tethis and there is a head into a circle similar to this statue.

Can anyone help to explain what its represents?


  From Paul

18th July 07


This was found in the river by the Roman town at Cearleon Newport in Wales.

Its approx 150 mm long 50 mm wide .

I was thinking it's some kind of pouring spout .

Very strange .

Thanks Paul




From Roger


20th July 07


I also agree in a type of drinking/feeder vessel from what I can see of the piece it does look a lot like these type of "pumpkins" Bottle Gourds.

Archaeological remains show that the bottle gourd was used in Egypt about 3500 to 3300 B.C


these "pumpkins" dried have been used as liquid containers for 10.000 years 

Here in Italy you can still find them end of summer dried and ready for use,  I don't think they are used anymore as liquid containers mainly ornamental use.<

Known also as Zucca del Pellegrino   (bottom of the page) "Pilgrim pumpkin" when dried they are strong light weighted and easy to use as a water bottle while travelling.

Who knows maybe the shape and use of the terracotta vessel was inspired and copied from the Bottle Gourd??





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