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      From jorge

11th October 05

This painted wood Anubis....

What was this part of ?

I have drawn on the pics where the holes and pegs are.

The piece is 80 mm  x 50 mm




From the yahoo group

13th October 05




I have some ideas,this anubis is part of the side-panel of a funerary bed.

For other deities see catalogue XIII,Art of the ancient world nr 181 by royal -athena galleries.

These pieces where sold by Mrs Drees at their Brussels gallery.




I think Jackals are scavengers; I find it intriguing that they should chose this animal/god to be the guardian of the necropolis...On this piece the artist made the eye to have a big importance, he looks straight at the observer (world?) instead of  the action he is involved in




Looks like a Cartonage Fragment or funerary pectoral  with the holes..

Anubis was Lord of the funerary chest and guardian of  the necropolis, so it is also shown on funerary  pectorals...

Let wait and see what the experts think....


 F. Williamson Price

15th  October

Your figure is probably from an Egyptian polychrome and reticulated wood funerary canopy. Ptolemaic Period, 305-30 BC. See attached jpg of a complete section.



Cf. W. Needler, An Egyptian Funerary Bed in the Royal Ontario Museum,

Occasional Paper no. 6. Toronto, 1963;  Y. Markowitz and P. Lacovara,

?The Ferlini Treasure in Archaeological Perspective,? JARCE xxxiii,  1996,

pp. 11-19.   Very rare.





Thanks very much!


 F. Williamson Price


Nicely thought out website and excellent photos of your work.  I especially admired your head shot, rather like a Minoan hero in a Knossos palace fresco.  Wonderful photo of the walls of Avila as well. Well done.



   charlotterose asks

Hi Bron,

Wonder if you have seen this strange tablet just come on, from Italy.

The person who has listed it has no idea what it is, and clearly states that in his listing.




Here are some observations. Form marked A looks like a snake around a stick (the serpent that moses nailed to the cross?)  A.Eleazar, Uraltes Chymisches Werk,Leipzig,1760.

The other glyphs (circled in white blue and yellow) are similar in form to the Mohenjodarro-Harappa script. Got any ideas?

Maybe you could foward it to somebody who may know what its all about.



Darkened view to better see the markings


I must say that this seller, entirely new to me, has the most strange pieces...many, of not most , which look like very inventive home made forgeries!





    From Ben

16th October


Looks like an old, smashed rock with stick people drawn on it with another rock. I wouldn't say it's recognizable as anything ancient or important. I would say that it's Bedou or desert wanderer scratchings. THey often would leave stones like these for each other at the entry to oases, letting the stragglers or other families know they had been there or where they'd gone. Looks like north African sandstone.



From attalos

16th October


Hi Bron,

I was checking ebay for manuscripts and inscriptions and saw that tablet three days ago: I'm still wandering what it is.

Graffiti on terracotta? Does not make sense. I have a friend near Vinci who might check it personally but he is actually very busy with a forthcoming exhibition on Leonardo, thus he cannot help me (already asked)

The seller does not really know what he is offering: his parchment leaf is overpriced (200% of its real value, at least). His bucchero is not bucchero, but black painted terracotta and there is a forger near Rome who can make more convincing vases and patinas (Etruscan, Samnitic and Precolumbian).


Bidders' ID protected and no return policy!


If authentic, an item like that (and all his other supposed antiquities) would need an export license... and I'm sure that the seller does not have any... and they might be confiscated in any time... (actually they are checking lots of things at the frontier...).



    From Paul

20th October 2005


Looking through the listings and came across this "thing"


The listing is honest, but really!


"This is a strange find but i rather like it and it could be of some value? I found it whilst digging in the garden. It looks like a person/monkey (perhaps planet of the apes?) carrying a cannon ball?! Pretty cute though"



Starting bid




Gor bli'me love that's a bit steep


Thank God nobody made a bid. The last time I looked there was 4 hours left. Lets hope that it remains unsold!!! And never comes back on.



Planet of the apes ? Which one would that be then. The one in our galaxy or the one situated in the Magelanic cloud.

Anyone got any ideas?

You can sell anything on the internet these days, you know

Nice finger nails, is the only comment I can make.



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