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23rd February 2006

Someone bought this some time back ............. 



.......with this elaborate COA !




What nonsense.


A South Italian black glazed plate........with a lot of spin!


Interesting use of a logo showing a gun.

= don't mess with me (?)




3rd March 2006

Someone enquired on the yahoo group the other day, as to whether this thing, said to be an ancient Egyptian faience amulet of the Apis Bull, was genuine.






I said that it did not look as if made of faience and in any event looked nothng like the way the Apis bull is usually shown in amuletic form.


Others agreed with me.

However the enquirer wondered if dealers would spoil another dealer's chance of sale by saying such things.

He  said he had been told that it was genuine.


I recognised this object and was able to tell the enquirer which seller it comes from; in quantities of your choosing!


These are some of the other things sold as genuine ancient artifacts by  this seller.



Enough said surely?

I even directed the enquirer to a photo of a genuine one.

However, one thing led to another and hence the creation of this part of this page!




So here you are.

These are some images of a few genuine and a few fake amulets of this  sort.  And a equivocal one about which I could not make up my mind.


So which ones are the definite fakes here?




Of course it's the impressive one which will sell!


But it does illustrate how ancient faience does not look.

Look at these close ups.




I will,  in due course, be doing a page about the ways in which ancient faience can look and with examples.


In the meanwhile move on to the next page