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12th December 07

This has appeared on eBay.

I believe it was offered on eBay before but at a rather higher price.


  • It looks substantially correct from an iconographic point of view.
  • The ungainly arm of the figure on the right is slightly worrying , but just about acceptable.
  • The hieroglyphic inscription as the  bottom is unusually curtailed.
  • Difficult to tell, and it might be because of the lighting in the pics, but it looks rather "soft" as a cast copy would look.
  • Also the chips show a lighter  colour which is most odd indeed.


We need to ask for a copy of the COA from Harmer Rooke.



    From John


I would say without any reservations what so ever, that this is a
cast "reproduction".

It would be very interesting to see the publication of Bosticco in
his catalogue of the collection in Florence, and the Certificate of
Authenticity from Harmer Rooke Antiquities Gallery, New York.

From Brian


I'll get a photocopy of the picture in Bosticco's catalogue, but it won't be
until the middle of next week. It will certainly be before the close of
bidding, and I will report back here asap. Looking at the eBay photos the
stele looks fairly convincing but others have much more knowledge of these


From Brian

I now have the 3 volumes of Florence Stellae on my desk. Nothing compares to this item.

I'll ask a question on Ebay tomorrow, but suggest in the interim to avoid this item.



From Sue


I think the piece questionable, it is close but not the real thing.  Most probably it has been traced or cast from an original and then touched up. 

Don't be convinced by the Harmer Rooke COA, although an extremely reputable gallery they did not include photographs with their COA's.




Graham has got a pic of the COA.


Some genuine 18th dynasty stele to compare.

Top left above, stele for Tjembu. Bottom right, for Luf-er-Bak, guardian of the storehouse.

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