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 From Doug

14th June 08


There arer many of these "Roman" archer's ring available especially on eBay.

What do you think?



  From JC


I would be very suspicious of anything described as a 'Roman' archer's ring.

There is evidence for Roman/Sassanid use of the Mongolian release in the mid

3rd century in the form of one ring and the fletching of arrows found at

Dura-Europos in Syria. That is ALL the evidence to date and thumb-rings are

never generally found on Roman archaeological sites along the northern 1st-5th

century frontiers (where most excavation had been undertaken). See Simon James'

book on the arms and armour from Dura for discussion and reference to other

Roman archery publications:


S. James, Excavations at Dura-Europos, Final Report VII, The Arms ad Armour,

British Museum Press, London, 2003 (on Amazon).


This question has inspired me to create this page on archer's rings




Someone has askled me about this shabti.



It's one of the slightly better fakes sold by a notorious seller of fakes in the States. He even gives certificates of authenticity with such things!

You can  get these in various colours and various degrees or artificial wear.


Lots to choose from!


This is the same seller as mentioned here.



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