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T asks:


I have never owned an inscribed heart scarab but took a risk and bought this from a collector.

I want to know opinions on it , good or bad. It seems to be inscribed with the 30th chapter of the dead.

I am 100% sure it is carved stone but I am cautious since I am dealing with something I have never dealt with.


I think you will find that it is not actually made of stone but a synthetic resin.

It is a mould made copy of a well known heart scarab for the chief of the depot of beverages, Pa-en-Ptah, in the Walters Museum, No. 4281.


As one can see from looking carefully at the inscription, it is not simply copied but replicates so closely it must be a mould made copy.


It reads:



Recitation of Osiris: (the) head of beverages depot, Pa-en-Ptah: / Heart (that I received) from my mother, heart (that I received) from my mother, heart of my (different) ages, do not stand up against / me as witness; do not contradict me in the court; do nothing against me in front of the deities; / do not treat me with hostility in front of the Keeper of the Balance. You are my Ka (life-force), which is in my body; the creator, / who makes the limbs of my body whole; you may come out to the beautiful place, which is there prepared for me. Do not cause my name / to stink in the presence of the members of the court, who make people to resurrected (at) the beautiful place. Excellent is it for the posers; a pleasure is it / for the judge. Do not speak lies against me beside the great god. / See, you are elected to exist (as a justified one).


Images can be seen online at the Walters Museum.


Thank you Bron. I realized it wasn't stone after posting and using a loupe. But thank you very much for the info on its origin. After showing the seller that, he has agreed to a refund. Otherwise he was content to argue it was authentic. You really saved my butt. A perfect example of just enough knowledge to get me in trouble. Tonio


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