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From PD

13th December 08


This is from a dealer in Lebanon.

Real or not?



Closer inspection of the surface is, alas, not encouraging:


The "patina" closely resembles the wares of wel known sellers of fakes on eBay.


In fact here's another one; very similar false patina as well.





From Robbie

7th January 2009



Here are a few photos of a ring I've been given.


It was sent to me from a contact in the UK. They said it was found in Greece and dated between the 2nd and 4th century AD.


I have no opinion on it either way. I've just wondered if its genuine. I would really appreciate your opinion. I know little about this subject.


Is this a type you have come across before? I know I've seen the band type before.


The face of the ring has an AXE on it and the initials T.E.N above it. Below the AXE there are some letters and symbols but I can't quite make them out. Although I think I can see an E and a Triangle, and possibly an N. It appears to be made of Bronze.






The overall style is similar to Roman rings in gold of the mid 3rd centruy  but I have never come across a bronze one of that style nor a bezel design like this.


The absense of obvious patination is a point  to consider too; but that might simply be due to the photo.


Let's see what others think.




From Ken

8th January 09

Appears to be a fantasy piece incorporating a coin type from the city of Tenedos (the design of which was used roughly from the 5th to 2nd Century BC). 


 I have never seen a genuine ancient ring incorporating either a coin type or an actual coin (though that does not mean they do not exist). 


 I have a number of books relating to ancient jewelry, and none have anything particularly similar to this (Greek period), but some Roman period rings are similar in composition.  I think it is simply a fantasy piece, but it s always possible that it may be an antique.



Aha!! I did think it looked vaguely familiir.

Here's the coin in question


Here is a bronze ring of similar band style but gilded.