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December 2001

Someone asked me about this:



On eBay:



Low Start Price - Superb Provenance - No Reserve



Nice old lable.

Well , what do you think?



What do I think? put it graphically.


You see, at least 60 copies of this shabti for Pekas, born of Aset, were made.

And indeed sold very cheaply as copies.



Not convinced?

Take a closer look.


From this seller.

Who actually implies in the listing text that the forger who made these.

But he didnt. He simply bought them on Ebay and created a nice "old" label and put them on wooden stands.

I wonder what the Cetificate of Authenticity means then?

Presumably to guarantee that these replica shabtis were made by the seller?

Well, clearly  even that is untrue.


To add to the fake old  label he puts on the new wooden stand he adds a partly  removed old Bonham's sticker underneath! 



He is a prolific buyer of  fakes. He used to sell them and pretend that they were genine - but he got caught.

He now trades on his infamous reputation; one that  is somewhat over inflated. He doesn't actually manufacture these, he never has. He most defintely does not know enough about the subject to have made the better of forgeries he peddles.

Here is another. But not a well made one.



And now for a really awfully bad made fake shabti passed off as genuine>>>>>