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Can you tell me if this is genuinely Byzantine? I'm fairly sure that I once saw one almost the same  but  was being sold as a reproduction. How can one tell? Thanx. B






Well, that  does seem a lot of money.

Especially as these are offered oneBay as reproductions.



This one offered as genuine.

And I must say that the pics look very convincing!

It is indeed slightly different from the others which are all from the same mould.



This is a strange offering.


This one is offered as the sellers own work!

Says he made both the fake cross and the fake label.




I doubt it is actually made by  him though, as several other of the pieces he claims are of his manufacture are clearly  bought elsewhere and simply altered a little.


They look to me to have come from the mould.


More from  this seller here:



In  summary, the one in question is either the piece the others were made from, or , more likely, yet another reproduction from the same mould.


Yet more, and from respectable sellers.

Which are genuine , which are fakes?

If some are genuine I certainly cannot tell from the photos.



  • I have absolutely no problem  with the selling of good reproductions/replicas: so long as they are fairly clearly exactly that.

  •  While most of Mr Andrews' wares are very clearly not genuine antiquities ( though many are indeed quite attractive) I do feel worried about the fake documents he sells along with them.

  • The documentation is much "better" made than the artefacts and sooner or later such things will reappear on the market  and fool a lot of new collectors. The ex Hattatt collection Roman artefacts are  a point in question.

  • That's the only reason I have placed images and information about these pieces on my website.

  • Mr Andrews will say that he sometimes puts little "jokes" into the documentation so that they are  not taken seriously. While that is true for some, it's does not appear true for all. Here is one.


It would be nice if he put  such revealing little jokes into all of the false documentation.

  • Also it  would be  much preferable for him to sell on eBay in their "reproductions" category as well as making it clearer than it is in  his eBay listings that these are indeed reproductions.
  • If a buyer has difficulty reading English it will not necessarily be apparent that he/she is buying a reproduction.
  • Whether he actually makes these things himself,  some of them or all of them (and I have my own opinion about that: some are most definitely  not made by him) is really quite beside the point.