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Oh my goodness, yet another one!  12th October 05


This seller is competing with the worst of the top sellers of fakes and forgeries now.







He says only.........and gives no suggestion of actual date.


A Standing Sumerian Statue with his hands fold on his chest, and writing on his back.


But all this seller's atrocious forgeries and fakes are listed in the antiquities section for goodness sakes!


         From AldoTT

I asked hannbenm where the Sumerian Marble Satatue was found and how old is it.

His answer:


"Found in a private collection in Italy, and is 500 BC. Thanks"


The Sumerian Statue is not Sumerian!! Sumer had dissapeared more than 1000 years before that date. At about 500 BC, Medes (Persians) had already invaded the Babylonian Empire!


Then, according to the seller, it shold be a Persian Statue!!!



6th February 2006

The one above sold last October for $350 which, if it were genuine, wold have been a superb bargain.

But of course it's not real.


Now the same seller  has this one....


This time he says only "Authentic Lime stone Statue with his hands fold on his chest, and writing on his back"


Really? What? "Made in China" ?




April 2006


It's becoming a bit tedious asking these sellers for more information and being told that they dont have Carbon Dating facilities!




Be assured that you wil never see a genuine Sumerian figurine on eBay!




Here are a few genuine pieces to remind you what they look like.




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