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July '10.

  • We saw this one on the second page in section 1.

  • It has been on the market for some time and has failed to sell.

  • The seller believes it to be genune.

  • If so at that price it's an utter bargain.
  • Compare it to this one offered at an auction in The Netherlands.

  • Note that they don't say that it's ancient though.




From the same hand?


From Ramon.

New style. Not able to find any parallels.

(Very new seller on eBay: starting bids at $500).



The maker is very imaginitive!



July 2011.

Thanks to various collectors for sending these further pics of other examples on the market.


UPDATE May 2012

  • Images of two pieces on offer at a reputable auction house which were until now showing below, have been removed on "request". 
  • Please note that there is absolutely no suggestion on my part that any of the images appearing under the simple heading such as "other examples on the market" are of forgeries.  I simply do not know.

Update 2013.

Improbable and possible.....  the 3rd one is the V neck type as shown in some number on this page.