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On an earlier page I drew attention to an image on page 3, this one.





It was sold at Sotheby's in New York on December 9th 2003 for $21,600


Then I saw this on eBay.

It sold for $338.



No, not by a "master forger" but bought at one of various websites or even Amazon, for a few dollars.



The fact that it is the same is more obvious from the markings on the back.


What is the real forgery here is the certificate which "guarantees" that it is from the hand of the master forger!


The master  mould for these must have been taken from the Sotheby's example: one can see the same small flaws in the piece, particularly at the bottom, but oddly there are other small differences. The shape of the eyes are slightly different and note the different postion of the outer edge of the eyebrow on the left.


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