Metropolitan Museum of Art. Circa 2500 BC

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Of course it's not only tablets which are faked but other artifacts as well.


Quite popular are calcite and terracotta bowls , sometimes entirely genuine, to which has been added a false cuneiform inscription.

This bowl, though the cuneiform may look odd to you , is genuine.

It dates to the Early Dynastic Period (EDIIIa) and is inscribed in an archaic form of cuneiform, in the Sumerian language, and reads, :

For Inanna, Aka-Enlil, the chief merchant, son of Heti, dedicated [this bowl]





These however are bowls ( I do not know if they are ancient or modern) which bear entirely false script pretendng to be some type of cuneiform.



I acknowledge that the previous owner of these does believe, albeit mistakenly, that they are genuine inscriptions.



21st April '10

Someone sent me this photo and asked me about this "tablet" today.

Said I could  use the image on the website.

Bought on eBay a few years ago from a seller in France.

Alas, no, it's no genuine.



26th April '10


From the major seller of really badly made fake cuneiform tablets, this incredible thing!

I was going to put the pics in the "The best worst of... " section, but seeing these marks are meant to be cuneiform writing, let's put them here.

Will he really ever be able to sell the figure? Priced at "only" $1500.


Description: Carved alabaster nude figure in a winged helmet, a series of incised cuneiform to the bottom. Light dirt patina.


Also on offer as examples of cuneiform inscribed artefacts....



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