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18th May '10.


As Tim said on the yahoo group:



Here we have some more 'hieroglyfics' from artefactsuck

The item is clearly a spindle whorl, but Eftis doesn't seem to have identified it as such.

It's not a 'stone cone pendant'. 

It's not 'perforated along its length for attachment to a necklace or bracelet'. 

And those aren't hieroglyphs. 

Or 'hieroglyfics'.



Quite difficult to understand how such "experts" and Bonhams thought  these scrathings tp be hieroglyphs.


Fairly clearly it's meant to be cuneiform writing.

But it's fake writing all the same.


Some similar ones with false cuneiform writting horizonatally around the whorl were on the market a few years ago.



24th May '10


This is not an easy one to decide about.



Many signs look OK, but no apparent sense can be made of it.

The script resembles or imitates the Ur III period. 




Also, sign U3 occurs rather frequently but this is not common in Sumerian, especially in administrative tablets. 




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