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A few weeks later....



And a week later... an endless supply!


This seller in Dubai sells many poorly made fake 'ancient " artefacts and some very well made ones. See this section also for his offerings on eBay and also here


But here we are looking at his "cuneiform tablets".

You might think that few people would fall for an  utterly ridiculous creation such as this. But one unlucky eBayer who clearly knows absolutely nothing about the subject is the proud duped owner now.


Or this! Surely anyone wanting to acquire a Proto-cuneiform tablet would have discovered by a very easy search online that little figures like these, seemingly wearing modern clothing, simply don't exist in the repertoire of Proto-cuneiform signs!

Some this seller offers have accretions on them. This is done to make them look "ancient". Though it actually doesn't really look like the salty exudates that are found on many cuneiform tablets.


For example.....


Here, above, the faker has managed to partially copy real cuneiform signs but the way the stylus wedges are made also gives the game away.

And this one below, also with fake accretions on it is total nonsense: there are no groups of wedges which are anywhere near genuine ciuneiform signs.