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July 2011


A number cylinder seals sold in recent months on eBay by two separate sellers have a number of things in common.





Well first of all........



Though that alone is not in itself sufficient to say that they are all fakes.

Though they are!

But they have something else in  common.

>>>>Look here



Do people try to sell fakes of things which never existed?

Yes, all the time.

Also from eBay.

With descriptions such as this. Variously described as "Etruscan pendant" or "Etruscan cylinder seal bead".



Well, look for "Etruscan" in any  good book on ancient cylinder seals or look online.

There are such as small terracotta roller seals  which were used to create decoration  on Etrucan bucchero ware vessels such as these:




But these are not them. Nor indeed anything  else vaguely "Etruscan".



A typical female Etruscan hairstyle above you think?

The famous Etruscan Asiatic hump backed bul on the right?


And these four come from the same workshop. Same stone, same style of cutting (probabyl the same hand!)  and show the same attempts to create a look of being ancient.






 The situation here is actually even worse than it appears!

I have waited ten days before creating the next page, hoping that the situation would be taken seriously and remedied.......>>>>>>>>

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