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I told you it was even worse!


Text copied from their website


I was first alerted to this seller ten days ago.

At that time the collector who emailed me had also emailed the IADA.

Over the last 10 days five more collectors have emailed me and some of those  have also contacted the IADA. 

Eveyone got the same reply:

Thanks for your message.
You are not the first to complain about this member and the subject is to be discussed at our next meeting.
Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
S Pollington/AIAD


Ten days down the line, nothing has been done at all.

The seller continues to sell these and continues to use the IADA logo.



On being politely quizzed the seller replies:


To: genuine-ancient-jewellery

Subject: Details about the item: 195366 sent a message about Etruscan Lapis Lazuli Cylinder Seal Bead Circa 200 BC #270776799478

Sent Date: 07-Jul-11 02:08:57 BST

Dear genuine-ancient-jewellery,

Hi, there seem to be so many of these round looking much the same,are you sure thay are not just reproductions?




Thank you for your considered and correct question.. We have a large collection which we are sure are authentic and which take some time to get through our inspection process and only then do we offer our specific COA. thank you Simon.

- genuine-ancient-jewellery




Pushed a little further by someone else:

To: genuine-ancient-jewellery

Subject:  message about Etruscan Lapis Lazuli Cylinder Seal Bead Circa 200 BC #270776799478

Sent Date: 07-Jul-11 11:02:38 BST


Dear genuine-ancient-jewellery,


Are you absolutely sure about these Etruscan cylinder seals?

Who authenticates these for you?

I appreciate that you are a member of the IADA and therefore assume you do know what you are doing and that these lovely things are very likely to be genuine: but before I bid on several of them can you reassure me a bit.


Hello and thank you.. The seals are all from a Private European collection where we have purchased over 30 many of which have been successfully sold into the US collection base. Our supply is from an old and trusted contact who we are sure offers 100% genuine material. We also obtained a number of Batrian items and Bronze Age. We assure that the stone beads are as stated and thank you for your question.


- genuine-ancient-jewellery    




Another collector  emails the AIDA


> -----Original Message-----

> From: [edited]

> Sent: 08 July 2011 07:49

> To:;;

> Subject: fakes


 > why do you allow genuine ancient jewellery to be associated with you when they are selling absolute nonsense?




> From:

> To: edited

> Subject: RE: fakes

> Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2011 09:03:48 +0100


> Thanks for raising this issue. We have had numerous complaints about GAJ and we have raised these with the owner.

 In the absence of an adequate response we will have to take action.

> The matter is for discussion at our next meeting.

> Regards

> S Pollington/AIAD


Really good enough.  In the last ten days the seller has sold several more of these silly fakes  as well as offering other equally silly fakes.


Maybe they simply can't tell the difference and do sincerely believe that they are selling genuine antiquities, but why hasn't  their trade organisation stepped in to assist their member? 


They need help or eviction!





Well, now it's nearly 2 weeks down the line and at long last this crooked seller has been removed from that organisation.

However they continue to sell these ridiculous things of course, still with a certificate of authenticty,  but at least no longer with the apparent approval of the organisation.


They are branching out into other shapes too!



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