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Forgeries of this type of interesting artefact used to be hardly ever come across.

They are now becoming more commonly found.





From antoninus


Here the faker's hallmarks are in the poor detail and the nonsense way they are arranged.


An amateurish attempt has been made to copy genuine icons types, which are then incorporated haphazardly into the plaque before a fake patina is applied.   This coating can be detected fairly readily because it is thin and rubs off if a deal of continual finger pressure is applied.    It doesn't stick to lead as well as it does to copper or bronze. 


In fakes the surfaces are also generally smoother than on the genuine article although the makers try to offset that by creating false fissures across the plaque or bending corners, even creasing and straightening the plaque to imitate remedied damage.

Another pair sold on eBay

Rather poor fakes of these are now appearing though completely misdescribed as lead sarcophagus fragments!

Many of you reading this will have guessed correctly.


More examples of fakes.

More and more of them appearing on eBay

Specialist sellers really should know better.

Another fake type  appearing on eBay and elsewhere.



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