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These are at Swansea University.


There are a number of reasons why they suspect their authenticity:


 The shapes  are not in keeping with ancient Egyptian art.

None of these  figures have the intricacy of design, which other known figures do.

Other figures hold a receptacle, these do not; though they might have originally.


These two are  made of a lightweight , though indeed, probably ancient, wood and partly covered with plaster and paint.  This is not the case with other known swimming girl figures, which tend to made of fine grained wood and not painted.




Another fake which some unfortunate new collector appears to have acquired recently.



 From Garry

25th November 2009


I am a diver.  40+ years ago I was diving a river in Florida and I found this artifact sticking out of the sand.  It is made out of metal, pewter like in nature.  I have had this sitting on my desk all these years and finally became curious what it was.  I posted on a forum and somebody pointed me to an Egyptian Cosmetic spoon that may of been a decorator piece during the Egyptian revival in the 1902's.  So just thought I would show you the images for your opinion.



Yes, a modern piece: albeit quite pretty.



From Garry


The real mystery is how it got into the bottom of the river.  It has intrigued me for the last 40 years!


Would have been even more intriguing if it had been an ancient Egyptian piece!

Thanks for sharing .


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