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I showed this in the section "auction houses make mistakes too"



These are quite well made fake faience amulets. They have all appeared on the market in the last four years. They are all exactly 39mm long.

Here is another one which looks to have come from the same mould.




Photos of more exampes sent in by various people:

BUT what is really very worrying is that this auction offering now remains available as an apparently "respectable" reference for the type. The makers of these fakes couldn't have hoped for more! 


On the other hand, this is of course just my opinion. Is it possible that one of these is genuine and was used to make the master mould for the many fakes? Possible but unlikely I think.

Keep an eye on these pages....more from this factory to come.


And yet another.

This one comes from the ex eBay and Liveauctioneers seller shown on the next two pages.



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