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Three preposterous forgeries on eBay right now

October 05





  • The overall style is sort of Egyptian.
  • The iconography is wrong
  • The supposed hieroglyphs are not real hieroglyphs.
  • The ancient Egptians did not write nonsense apart from some fairly rare magical spell "symbols" and some corrupted signs and quasi cartouches on some steatite scarabs.

232rd May 06

Here are some ridiculous forgeries  which have sold on eBay recently.

These really should not get past even the most unknowlegeable buyer as they are so wrong; quite apart from the signs not being hieroglyhs at all.

I'm showing them here only because someone passing by might have innocently bought one.




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 From Alexander

8th March 09


This piece on eBay.


Don't touch it. It is unthinkable that an Egyptian artist would have made all the mistakes that we see here.


Even if he did not know how to read and write, he must have written the name Osiris hundreds of times during his career and therefore must have known what it looked like; there is no way he could have done it as was done on this stela, with a mouth-sign instead of an eye-sign.


Part of the signs are also facing the wrong direction. The long inscription at the bottom is copying existing texts, but with so many errors, omissions and misunderstanding of signs that also here it is clear that whoever wrote this did not have a clue about what he was copying. For example: anx nTr im would never have been written with a quail instead of an owl. Add to this the hopeless positioning of the signs (completely un-Egyptian), the apparent misunderstanding of the winged disk, the just too smooth stone with nevertheless some damage, the colour of the stone as compared to the inside of the glyphs, and many more indications, and it becomes quite obvious: fake.




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In this category of fake, there are also lots of ridiculous thngs sold by the infamous Mr Sadigh in New York.


Copied from the walls of the Osiris chapel at the temple of Seti I at Abydos

The wonderful reliefs there are a source of many copies and an inspiration of outright fakes.

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