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There are several  for sale like these.



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These purport to be the anthropomorphic lids from slippper coffins.

Like these.


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  • Most Egyptians could not afford burials with expensive stone sarcophagi or even just decorated wooden or cartonnage coffins. Terracotta slipper coffins were perhaps the next level of affordability;  large terracotta receptacles made on a potter's wheel, and into which the corpse was slid and which were then sealed with a lid.

  • They were customary in Canaan when the Egyptians had outposts there in the Late Bronze Age, and were adopted by some Egyptians  and still used as late as Roman times and elsewhere also , notably in Persia in the Parthian era; though without the characteristic anthropomorphic styling of the lid which was more characteristically "Philistine", hence the alternative term for them as Philistine type sarcophagi.



We will look at one coffin lid on offer more closely on the next page.


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One wonders if  these were inspired by the very famous  group of anthropoid coffins  discovered at Deir el-Balah in Gaza?


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Here is some interesting information about them by Jan Gunneweg.


And this book by Trude Dothan, one of Israel's leading archaeologists who spent much of the 1970s and early 80s uncovering this important find, is  worth getting.

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Something else interesting about this fake on offer at $2,300>>>>