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Mr Sadigh offers the one we considered on the previous page for $2,300.

But you can pay a cent short of $4750 for the same piece if you want to.

On  anther website we find the same piece offered for sale.

Same photograph, same descriptive text.

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Or if money is no object, even a cent short of $5375 !

On yet another website.

Draw your own conclusions.


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And remember this pair from the previous page?


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  • This is another odd thing one sees on the Sadigh website.

  • Offerered  for sale the very same object, several times, but using  photographs taken at a slightly different angles and/or with the colours changed!
  • This is particularly so on his many pages of fake ushabtis. These three offered separately as if different pieces.

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Yes, it's exactly the same piece, the same fake, rather than the factory conveniently turning these fakes out in different colours.