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July '10

This supposed fragment of ancient Egyptian catonnage is one amongst very many such fragments offered by a a supposed antiquities dealer at prices from $1500 to $2500.


They all come with signed certificates of authenticity.



What is more than a little disconcerting is that we find another quite clearly by the same hand.

I suppose the person who made these made several much the  same.

Spotted  the small  differences?



Very colourful indeed.

How does it compare with examples found in museums?



  • Even if you know nothng about ancient Egyptian iconography, it takes only a few moments to detect that the supposed hieroglyph texts are total nonsense. They are actualy different in those two near identical pieces.

  • Quite true that hieroglyphs in the later Ptolemaic time and indeed also later when used in early  Roman times is often very odd and often blundered but all the same......!

  • And the we come across these.



Hopefully by now one is thinking that these come not only from the same factory  but the same hand!

These two above are from the papyrus of Ani in the British Museum. One can buy  such for about $15 each. Mr Sadigh charges around $2000.



The interesting thing is that one can buy these unique artefacts from ancient Egypt with certificates of authenticity from THREE apparently unrelated websites.

Suppose you rather like this motif....



Well, compare prices!>>>>>